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Cerene has a cold and is undergoing major teething, making her crankier and more irascable than normal.
She's also decided she dislikes her room and will attempt to sleep pretty much anywhere other than her room.
Her waking/sleeping habbits are utterly shot, and this has led to very poor school performance, including just falling asleep mid-class in her special ed classes.
I suppose that's a step up from trying to kill one's classmates and eat them for lunch.


No one's REALLY named Mr.Black, right?
He's not really someone I have to listen to...

Zeeka stares blankly for a few moment, perhaps caught off guard by the theological question. It's something she hasn't given thought to in a long time, and her eyes half-lid and attain a far-away look with the accompanying contemplation. "All sentiant species...across the known galaxy possess ingrained cultural impressions that there is a continuation beyond our finite existance. Most explain as an intangible realm that exists outside the dimension of time itself." Her focus gradually returns and she seems to realize that she is being way too technical and vague. "There is no way in which to prove definatively that there is an...afterlife. However...there is also no way to prove that there is not." She motions as if to wiegh the two basic options in each of her extended palms. "If you wish to believe that there is...meaning and purpose to your existance, then it is logical to anticipate this...heaven. If you wish to believe that your existance, and that of everyone around you, is meaningless and without purpose...then it is logical to believe an afterlife to be, as you say, bull-sheet." She offers, very factually. She lifts a hand and taps a long black fingernail against her chin, thoughtfully. "If you live as though you anticipate an afterlife, then you will not know to be disappointed if there is not one. However...if you choose to live and percieve your current life as being all there is...and it turns out that there -is- an eternal existance..." She makes a gesture and shakes her head. "Then you will risk an...unpleasant revelation and possible...consequences." She looks from one hand to the other and lofts her brows, a small smile creeping onto her face. "So, were we to gamble, the odds would favor this...heaven." And that, sadly, is about the best she has to go on.
Let it be said the way to Cerene's heart is not clothing.
I'm starting to suspect that sometime in her teenage years the kid'll go on a nudest streak and--
well. Let's just leave it at that, shall we?
In anycase, here's some rp done over Aim; Creed/Cerene, with the bigkitty trying to win over the kid with massive amounts of gifts, minor editing.
Including clothing.
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A stroll through Central Park turns into an adventure as Cerene runs into a big, feral cannibal...
Logan's hairs turn prematurely grey.
Zeeka calls Cerene by her first name.

LOG with COMMENTARY and holybatfuck this log is 24 pages in word. O,O!!!
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Cerene repockets her makeshift weapon. "I have to start classes soon. Like. With people. And lessons. It sounds stupid," she murmurs.

"Yeah, they're always going to sound like that. Think of it less as a class, and more as a ton of work that there's no way to get out of doing." Deadpool pauses. "Or... something that's not like that."

Cerene cracks her knuckles. "...so I get to go to hell to make the adults feel better."

Deadpool hmmms. "I suppose I did just make it sound like that." He drops the duffelbag on the roof by his feet. "You see, it's like horrible secret military programs. You go in thinking it's going to be bad, then it is bad, then you get done and make a ton of money by wrecking a garage full of expenisve cars. Then you meet a little girl on a roof and tell her the story. Who then goes to school because this story was great." Yeah, school is like that. Thanks Wade.

Cerene raises an eyebrow, and turns her head to peer at Wade.
-cerene needs this poster in her room nao.
Grown up Cerene sketch, you can't see her sharp teeth 'cause her mouth is CLOSED. neener neener, and ...
At one point I was going to stipple this (as evidenced by the hand).
full of bees. See:

Cerene mutters under her breath, "Miss Frost is full of Bees." She then asks, in a more normal tone, "Will there be marshmallows? Do you know the marshmallow game where you put a million in your mouth and you gotta say 'fluffy bunny'?"

And he's waited long enough. Something about those two... He fishes the phone out and starts dialing a number. "Thanks for the fight, Cerene--and the movie." Phone to his ear as he starts to the door. "Rosie?" Apparently this is to whoever is on the other end, his disposition changes with the simple utterance of the name. He stops, looking at Logan with a far friendlier look than the one he'd given the man earlier. "Ay'll talk to her... Maybe Ay'll see ye..." And back to the phone as he leaves. "Ye sound too old, what did Ay tell ye about growin' up while Ay was gone?"

Oh no. Fluffy bunny? What .. WHAT? " .. No, I don't. You'll have ta show me. S'pose there will be .. marshmallows now." Logan .. candy? He looks like he'd sour milk with a glare. "Wait .. full .. full of -bees-?" Then, Liam. " .. Sure."